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Sunday 28 October 2012

Proform Professional Features

»  Proform Professional Features

  • Full UK and Irish Form Book with 15 years of Horse Form.
  • In Running Race Comments and Pace Abbreviations for EVERY runner in EVERY race.
  • Enter you own race notes and horse notes.
  • Customise the Proform Interface to suit your style of Form Book Reading.
  • Research 15-year race trends.
  • Add alerts against horses, jockeys, and trainers so you are notified when they are running.
  • 48 Hour Flat Season Declarations.
  • Enter or Import your own ratings into Proform and then analyse them quickly and efficiently.

  • Unique Pace Statistics and Ratings for every race, want to know who will lead? then look no further than Proform.
  • Draw Analyser, comprehensive draw analysis tool or use the research tool to analyse the draw using 1000's of parameters.
  • Pattern Matcher; quickly find patterns in a horse’s career using the Proform Pattern Matcher.
  • Trainer Trends, using our unique trainer trends tool, quickly identify trainer habits.
  • Analyse Form using filters, i.e. view just Heavy ground form when analysing a race.
  • Quickly see today's, tomorrow’s runners at a glance.
  • Bet Manager allows you to track all your wagers and group them into categories.
  • Exporter any data to a csv or excel file, you can export just about everything for you own further analysis.
  • Full collateral form screens, if you're a fan of collateral form lines then you'll love this feature.
  • See how a race worked out very quickly with one click of the mouse, or two clicks for full post form analysis.
  • Quick trainer stats, a few clicks and you can see how trainers perform from 1000's of angles.
  • Unique Proform Speed Figures for every runner in every race, the best on the market by far.
  • Lots of unique ratings for you to analyse, or import your own, or from other sources.
  • In Running Module, see highs and lows in running, percentage difference to BSP, analyse from every angle.
  • System Builder, 1000's of variables can be analysed, used for millions of research combinations.

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Query Database in 1000's of ways

  • The Proform System Builder / Research Tool allows you to run very fast query's against the 15 year database.
  • Each query will return not just the profit loss to SP but also to Betfair SP and will fact in a commission rate you can set for yourself.
  • You will also be returned the expected winners along with actual over expected index and chi scores, all of which can help you quantify your research.
  • Much more is returned too, win and place strike rates, impact values, average odds, returns to laying or level stakes and limited liability and you can export the results for your own further analysis.
  • Not only that but you can save your research and any qualifiers will be flagged up to you when declarations are imported, never miss another winner!

Here are just a few of the ideas you could research, but the permutations are in the millions.  

  • What is the strike rate of favourites in Flat handicaps on varying ground conditions?
  • Which trainers perform best with their 3yos in early season flat handicaps?
  • Which sires prefer top of the ground in Chases and Hurdles?
  • How do trainers perform when switching horses from AW to Flat or Flat to Jumps?
  • When the going is Soft how is the draw affected on the 5f Beverley course and distance?
  • Which dam's perform best over jumps?
  • Show me which jockeys have the best record in 5f sprints?
  • Which jockeys have the best record when horses make all to win?
  • Show me the courses which suit hold up horse best?
  • How do trainers perform with LTO winners?
  • Which jockey and trainer combinations do best?
  • How does a trainer perform when running a horse, which switched from another stable?
  • Which trainers perform best when apply headgear for the first time?
  • When horses return from a long break, which trainers are best at getting them primed?
  • When a trainer uses a claiming jockey how do they perform?
  • and much much more..... 

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Saturday 27 October 2012

Proform Value Choices

At Proform we provide not only the best Form Book on the market but also in our Members area we post daily Power Ratings with Odds Lines and Daily Racing Statistics.

We are not going to provide you with the actual stats or ratings, these are reserved for Members, but for today's blog we have used these Statistics and Power Ratings and pulled out the best of the stats from horses running today and coupled these with the horses which are value against our odds lines when compared to 10am prices, here is the list :-

Horses running Today which are value

Time Course Horse Proform Odds Line Best Odds at 10am
14:25 Aint Mumbles Head 9/2 8/1
14:55 Aint Wessex King 100/30 5/1
15:10 Chep Henry San 9/2 8/1
15:35 Donc Intimidate 9/2 9/2
15:40 Chep Ballybough Pat 9/2 5/1
16:35 Aint Rebel Dancer 4/1 8/1
16:50 Chep Renard 7/1 10/1
17:30 Leop Authorization 10/1 16/1
18:45 Wolv Gabrial's Gift 17/2 12/1
19:15 Wolv Pendragon 4/1 8/1
19:45 Wolv Progenitor 9/4 9/4

Sunday 21 October 2012

Proform Power Ratings Top Rated Winners

TOP RATED WINNERS from the Proform Power Ratings for Friday 19th and Saturday 20th October

Course Horse SP
Cheltenham Action Master 20/1
Wolverhampton Archina 16/1
Cheltenham Nadiya De La Vega 10/1
Ascot Maarek 5/1
Dundalk Raydari 5/1
Cheltenham Dark Lover 9/2
Kelso Hunters Belt 9/2
Catterick Ready 7/2
Cheltenham Hunters Lodge 7/2
Dundalk Spirituality 7/2
Cork Srucahan 5/2
Cork Chrysanthemum 2/1
Cheltenham Southfield Theatre 13/8
Wolverhampton Justbookie Dot Com 13/8
Wolverhampton Levi Draper 6/4
Wolverhampton Neige D'antan 11/10
Cork Qasser 8/13
Cork Twilight Zone 1/3
Ascot Frankel 2/11

The Proform Power Ratings are provided in our members area each and every day for UK and Irish horse racing.

Proform Racing